Old Glory and the People Who Served



March thru July 2 2019


We are displaying two of our favorite flags, a somewhat rare 42 star flag and a 46 star flag.  Near the flag display are uniforms of local servicemen who served in WWI and WWII




The Life and Times of

First Jenison Christian Reformed Church


July 20 thru October 1, 2019


We are featuring artifacts and photos of the First Jenison Christian Reformed Church and its members.  This includes an interesting banner made to honor all of the servicemen from '1st Church' that participated in WWII and war time booklets published by the church throughout the war.





Tour Information:  See Open House Schedule under events for specific dates the museum is open to the public.  If you are interested in a private group museum tour, leave a message at the museum and our tours scheduler will contact you.

sponsored by 

Jenison Historical Association



Jenison Museum

28 Port Sheldon

Jenison, MI 49428